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Use this website to purchase the textbooks required for your CSMTA Education program. You have the choice of purchasing a digital version of each textbook, for reading on your portable devices. You can also purchase a physical version of each textbook and have it shipped to you by one of our partners.

If you have any questions about the CSTMTA Education Program, please contact our program administrator at

Sport Psychology

The major purpose of this text is to provide both a theoretical as well as a practical understanding of performance psychology specifically for the trained Massage Therapist working in a sport setting.

The field of performance psychology as it relates to sport and physical activity is vast. This is because it endeavors to integrate essential knowledge from the various sport sciences with psychological theory and practice.

Sport Injuries

The Sport Injuries course is designed to help prepare the Massage Therapist who is interested in applying their skills in a sports setting. Massage Therapists are often the sole therapist with a team and are therefore required to be trained in both acute care as well as follow up assessment and treatment.

Using the presented information, the Massage Therapist will be able to assess the urgency of the situation and refer for further medical attention if needed. It is essential that the Sport Massage Therapists know their boundaries, however, and stay within their scope of practice.

Sport Physiology

This text was designed to introduce students to sport physiology, which can be thought of as a sub-discipline of exercise physiology. Sport physiology refers to how the body responds to acute and chronic exercise as it applies to sport and athletic performance.

It is hoped that the information contained in this course will further your knowledge in the area of sport physiology and this will better prepare you as a sport massage therapist to respond to the increasing demands of sport and athletics in society.

Sport Massage

This book contains a collection of theoretical and practical information along with techniques and protocols which have demonstrated effectiveness for preventing injuries, enhancing athletic performance and improving recovery. The content is different from other Sport Massage books on the market, and presents information on this subject that is concise, understandable and most importantly, highly practical. 

It provides recommended concepts for Massage Therapists who work with, or would like to work with, athletes from the grass-roots to the elite level as well as for the physically active general population. 

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CSMTA Education Program Sport Course Exams

In order to take a Sport Course Exam, it is required that you purchase the corresponding textbook in either digital or physical version.  

Written Examination Protocols

You will be sent a link with the information on how to navigate the exam portal when you have paid your fee.  You must finish the exam in one sitting.  Once you have started your exam you will have 85 minutes to complete it.  Your exam will be marked immediately upon completion of the exam. If you have passed your exam a certificate of completion will be released to you.    

You will be allowed to:

  • Bookmark questions you want to review.

  • Go back to questions you want to review and change your answers.

  • A timer will be displayed telling you how much time you have left.

  • 70% is considered a pass and your exam will immediately be marked upon completion.

If you have a learning disability or if English is your second language, we are allowing you to take the exam in paper format. This will allow us, on a case by case basis, to add more time to your exam.  This process will require you to get an exam proctor as you will not be able to do this exam online. Once approved for extra time, you will be sent a form with information on who can be your exam proctor and all procedures surrounding this alternate process.  

If you have any further questions on the exam process please contact the CSMTA Education Program Administrator at

CSMTA Education Program Written Certification Exam

For members wanting to write the certification exam, please contact the Membership Chair ( to verify your practical  hours  and to ensure that you qualify for certification written exam.  350 practical hours is required to qualify to write the certification exam. It is recommended that you complete the exams of the other courses, listed above, before writing the Certification Exam to give yourself the best chance of passing.  

When approval has been given, you will be sent a letter from  the  Membership Chair that you have  completed the required  hours and you can proceed  to  apply for the  written  exam.

CSMTA Education Program Practical Certification Exam

For members wanting to write the certification exam, please contact the Membership Chair ( to ensure that you qualify to write the practical exam.  500 practical hours is required to qualify to take the practical exam.  It is recommended that you complete the exams of the other courses, listed above and the 2 day advanced sport massage course, before taking the Certification Exam to give yourself the best chance of passing.  

When approval has been given, you will be sent a letter from the Membership Chair that you have completed the required hours and you can proceed to apply for the Practical Exam. It is important to do this early if you want to meet the deadlines.   

The Practical exam is offered twice a year. 

 Please send application to National office at All requirements for   Practical exam are listed in your Membership Handbook, once all requirements have been received and approved you will be sent an invoice and details of the exam.